Fruit and Chocolate Drink Supplier


Berry Ice Trading: The Highest Quality Fruit and Chocolate Drinks

At Berry Ice Trading, we strive to be the best fruit and chocolate drink supplier Malaysia. We take quality as well as price into account and make sure you get the best of both worlds; an inexpensive price for a high quality product.

What We Offer

Coffee and chocolate powders are just one of the many types of mixing flavors we offer at Berry Ice Trading. Some of these coffees and chocolate powders include:-

  • Mocha Premium Powder
  • Chocolate premium powder
  • Tiramisu powder

And many more.

We also offer concentrated fruit juice and fruit flavored powder. These are ideal for the best tasting fruit based teas. Some of the types of concentrated fruit juices we offer are:-

  • Green Apple Juice
  • Lemon Juice
  • Kiwi Juice


High Quality Chocolate Powders and Drinks

Chocolate powders and drinks are not only delicious and something we all crave, but using them in types of drinks such as hot chocolate, can be beneficial to you. Using our premium types of chocolate powders in your homemade drinks can guarantee that you’ll be drinking high quality products.

Fruit Juices and Fruit Flavored Powders

There’s no reason not to purchase high quality fruit juice from Berry Ice Trading. With our many fruit juice flavors, you can make dozens of different types of drinks with our high quality juices and powder.

Berry Ice Trading

If you’re searching for a reliable provider and supplier for your drinks, then Berry Ice Trading is the way to go. Our high quality chocolate and fruit bases will make your drinks taste delicious and will be the talk of the town.

For budding restaurant or café owners, we can provide assistance or training with all our products so you don’t have to struggle of figuring out what to do. We accept all international orders who want to focus their business overseas.