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The Best Bubble Tea in Malaysia 

Bubble tea is becoming one of the biggest sensations in the tea market, even though it was created over 3 decades ago in Taiwan. Bubble tea also goes the names of boba milk tea and pearl milk tea. At Berry Ice Trading, we aim to be the most high quality bubble tea supplier Malaysia. The reason this tea differs from most is not only the consistency, but also the boba or tapioca pearls that are put in to be seen at the bottom of the drink, giving it a distinction amongst others. This helps with the taste of the drink as well as the aesthetic.

The Five Basic Ingredients

There are five main basic ingredients to bubble tea, and there are many flavors of this product. These main ingredients include:-

  • Tapioca
  • Creamer

  • Black / Jasmine Green Tea
  • Sugar

  • Water

Our bubble tea is a milky and fruity consistency that can be in different type of forms such as powder, fruit juice or syrup. It has an attractive color, and you will never go wrong with the taste especially when you add tapioca (pearls) and jellies.

Dozens upon dozens of fruit have been used to create delicious and irresistible flavors of bubble tea as well as flavors that aren’t so fruity. Flavors include:-

  • Strawberry
  • Yam

  • Chocolate
  • Passion Fruit

  • Mango

And many more.

These sugary drinks are delicious and a casual way to put a bit of flavor into your life as well as something that looks great. This tea definitely comes in many types of flavors and forms, all being milk or fruit based. Let us provide you with the best tasting bubble tea flavors in Malaysia!

Get the Best Tasting Bubble Tea Flavors

At Berry Ice Trading, we aim to bring the highest quality of teas including bubble tea. We take pride in our service towards tea lovers across Malaysia, as well as the rest of the world. For entrepreneurs who intend to start their own restaurant business, we can provide assistance or training about our products.

We are one of the top bubble tea suppliers in Malaysia and wish to spread knowledge of the many different types of teas and guarantee that we can supply you with the highest quality bubble tea around.